Scilly’s Young Musicians To Play At Royal Albert Hall

Head of Music Debbie Wainwright

Head of Music Debbie Wainwright

A group of twelve wind band musicians from the Five Islands School will perform at the Schools’ Prom at the Royal Albert Hall next month.

It’s the first time Scilly has sent students to the event.

Today, Scilly’s music students will be rehearsing in a bigger group with pupils at Humphrey Davy School in Penzance.

When they get to London, there will be 640 youngsters on stage. The performers from our region will play an 11-minute piece by composer Joe Broughton, as part of the Co-Create Cornwall project.

It reflects the aspects of life in our area and includes a fisherman’s prayer.

Debbie Wainwright, Head of Music at the school, says it’s a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for the youngsters.

From Radio Scilly

Debbie Wainwright talks about the youngster’s concert at the Royal Albert hall

She says some of them have never even visited London before and thinks they’ll be overwhelmed and excited when they see the size of the venue.

The event organisers have embraced technology to make it easier for children living in remote locations to take part. The music files, highlighting each musician’s part, have been put on the internet to make rehearsing easier.

The students will go to London two days before the event on November 13th and their travel has been grant-funded.