Incinerator Costs Putting Pressure On General Purposes Budget

incineratorFire Service cuts and putting off sea defence work will save the Council £122,000 this year, but the incinerator is burning money.

The Council’s General Purposes Committee, which looks after the islands’ infrastructure, announced the budget reductions in Tuesday’s meeting.

The biggest saving comes from deferring coastal protection work, which was scheduled to take place this year.

The Fire Service has also made a £33,000 cut, spending less on equipment and new vehicles.

But despite the savings, incinerator costs have soared by £96,000. That’s mainly because extra fuel is being burnt to ensure it meets emission levels, and because there are now more compliance inspections.

But some councillors were unhappy that further savings couldn’t be found for next year.

The authority is facing a £600,000 deficit on its annual budget, which is rapidly depleting its reserves. But General Services is predicted to cost an extra £15,000 in 2014.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said it “wasn’t a good sign” and would need to be “mulled over.”

He added if all committees come up with an increase, then solving the deficit was not going to work.

The figures don’t include any savings that might be found through staff restructuring over the coming year.