Council Will Use Recruitment Consultants To Find New Director

town hall 4 copyThe Council will employ a recruitment consultant to find their new Director of People.

They’ll be using the same company that’s currently engaged to find a replacement Chief Executive for the Authority.

But at yesterday’s special Policy and Resources Committee meeting, Council Chairman Amanda Martin wanted reassurances that the total cost of filling the two positions wouldn’t exceed £20,000.

The report presented to councillors suggested that other services, such as advertising, websites and travel could push that fee higher, but Cllr Martin said they hadn’t agreed to any of those “hidden extras.”

James Francis said it felt a bit like a budget airline trying to add more money for booking an aisle seat.

He said advertising was a fundamental part of the recruitment process.

Head of Finance Iain McCulloch was asked to check the figures with the consultants.

The Director of People is one of two new senior positions created, merging the four current Director roles.

Former Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, was appointed in September into the other new position, the Director of Place.