Partnership Close To Reaching Membership Goals

Islands' Partnership Chairman, Chris Gregory

Islands’ Partnership Chairman, Chris Gregory

The Chairman of the Islands’ Partnership told attendees at yesterday’s first Annual General Meeting that they’re close to their goal of signing up 300 members by the end of the year.

Chris Gregory called on those who’ve already joined to act as ‘ambassadors’ to encourage others to follow suit.

That way, he said, the Partnership could raise sufficient funds to put all their plans in place next year, rather than just the “bare essentials.”

Chris said the good weather this summer has helped to boost tourist numbers by 20%.

But the impact of withdrawing the helicopter service had been bigger than anyone could have predicted, he said, and earlier in the year, it had looked like the industry was “staring at a potential disaster.”

Chris said the loss of the service and the closure of Land’s End airport for weeks due to waterlogging had given the impression that we were isolated and inaccessible, and that has taken time to put right.

And he said the Partnership was using novel techniques, like advertising on YouTube, to reach a new group of potential visitors.

Four new directors were also elected yesterday.

Robert Francis, Sarah Mason, Euan Rodger and Jon May will all take their seats as the tourism body prepares to launch its new-look brochure and website.

Chris said he’s sure they’ll bring a new insight and fresh perspective to the Partnership, which will only serve to strengthen it.

Julian Pearce, Christine Savill, Jeff Marston and Richard Mills are all stepping down from the board and Chris thanked them for their support.

The organisation also launched a website yesterday aimed at supporting its members, which can be found at

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