Active Living Coordinator Role Extended

Park House

Park House

The Council’s Active Living Coordinator role will continue until the end of the financial year after councillors agreed new funding.

The position held by Leonie Jones, provides physical and mental stimulation for elderly people in the community, particularly residents of the islands’ care home Park House.

It’ll be paid for by a £45,000 funding package from the NHS.

This will also allow free rehabilitation services to be provided for up to six weeks following sickness or a fall.

Cllr Fran Grottick said she was pleased that the full six weeks would be offered.

She said many places on the mainland had cut this to as little as two weeks and she felt that wasn’t enough to get people back on their feet.

But new Adult Social Care Manager, Gareth Peters, said it didn’t mean people had to take the full course as they might reach their goals before that.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said Leonie’s role is important because it puts exercise into the routines of the islands’ elderly residents.