Plans For New War Memorial In Scilly Are Revealed

remembrance day 2011A campaign to erect a new war memorial on St Mary’s is being launched.

Smudge Smith has overseen fundraising and the Remembrance Day events for the Royal British Legion on the islands for years. But he says that elderly and less able-bodied islanders are finding it too difficult to get to the Old Town Churchyard War Memorial.

He hopes a second stone would make it easier for those people, as well as visitors and Park House residents, to pay their respects.

Smudge has applied for planning permission for a new stone, which if planners agree, will be placed in The Park.

He says it’s the most appropriate site as the memorial should be “at the heart of the community.”

The plan is to erect a granite plinth standing four feet-high, with a brass plate on top, engraved with the names of all the islands’ war dead.

It won’t replace the existing memorial, says Smudge.

He’s is hoping the community will pay for it and he told Radio Scilly he’d like it in place by August next year, along with new standards, which will be carried during official services.

Smudge says he won’t start fundraising until his application gains planning consent.

In 2014, the Royal British Legion will mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. Smudge says he hopes that a frigate, similar to HMS Somerset, which visited this summer, will come to the islands to mark the occasion.

Richard Larn is currently talking with Royal Navy officials about arranging a visit.

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