Police Seize ‘Legal High’ For Further Analysis

Police light 2A local man will have to wait to hear whether he’s been found to be in possession of illegal substances.

St Mary’s Police interviewed the male last week after he was searched in the street in Hugh Town.

Police found a package of what was said to be a “legal high” on his person.

But Sergeant Colin Taylor says the police never assume that seized packages like this contain chemicals that are not banned and some compounds that people had claimed were legal have be found to be illegal, he says.

Colin adds that the police will take them as if they are controlled substances.

He also warns that just because a website claims that a drug for sale is legal, that’s is no guarantee of the composition of the purchased powder.

The seized substance has been sent to the mainland for analysis, which will mean the apprehended man will have to wait a few weeks to find out what, if anything, happens next.