Council Accused Of Failing To Keep School Audit Material Confidential

town hall windows signThe wife of the former Five Islands School head teacher, Bryce Wilby, has alleged that staff at the Council of the Isles of Scilly have failed to maintain the confidentiality of interview material from last year’s audit investigation.

Maria Wilby has written to all councillors after transcripts from her husband’s interview with the auditors, as well as those from other school staff members, were distributed to members of the public on the islands.

The document includes a list of websites that had allegedly been opened on a laptop that Mr Wilby had access to.

As we’ve previously reported, it’s claimed those sites contained “inappropriate” but not illegal content.

Mrs Wilby says the Council has a legal responsibility under the Data Protection Act to keep the documents safe.

Maria says that the information has also been sent to past colleagues of her husband.

Some of these people are appearing as character witnesses for him in the forthcoming Teaching Agency Hearing.

In January, the Council’s plans to publish the report, written by Cornwall Council auditors, were pulled at the last minute following legal advice.

Council spokesperson, George Pearson, told Radio Scilly that the Authority is aware that information is in the public arena, but there are a number of potential sources and not all of those are within the Council.

But he admitted that they, “have responsibilities with regard to the protection of all such information.”

Mr Pearson says the Authority is currently talking to interested parties about the best way forward, and once they’ve done this, will take all the appropriate steps, “in exactly the same way as any other Local Authority would in similar situations.”

He declined to name the Council Officer responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information.

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