Charity Challenge To Launch Scilly’s Newest Sporting Fund

PC Faye Webb during last year's Rowvember challenge

PC Faye Webb during last year’s Rowvember challenge

A charity challenge in November is set to raise cash for a new grant scheme to assist young islanders who want to take part in mainland sports events.

Islanders will be able to apply to the Youth Opportunity Fund for support for events that make a positive contribution to their clubs or improve children’s skills and abilities.

Money could be offered to meet costs of travel to the mainland or to allow youngsters to experience facilities not on offer here, such as using full-size swimming pools or running tracks.

The first fundraiser for the new appeal will be on Friday November 15th, with the second 24-hour indoor rowing challenge, Rowvember.

A team mainly consisting of coastguards won the event last year.

The event raised £3,145 in total, and after running costs of around £1,000 were deducted, a sizeable amount was donated to the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

But last time, some islanders who wanted to get involved didn’t, because they don’t like using rowing machines.

So organisers have added an alternative challenge of using treadmills or bikes. They’re calling that challenge ‘Go-vember.’

They’ve launched an appeal for teams of eight, who want to take turns to row, run or cycle over the 24 hours.

Each team, with members aged 18 or over, is required to raise at least £150 before the event.

There’ll be an additional 12-hour challenge for children aged 8 or older on the Saturday, November 16th.

Tess Lloyd, Shirley Graham and Faye Webb are arranging the all-night session and say they’re keen to hear from businesses who would like to sponsor the event.

Money donated would help with its running costs and pay for awards and trophies.

They’re promising adverts on posters and websites, in recognition of any funding.

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