Theatre Club Pick Local Script For This Year’s Pantomime

theatre town hallSt Mary’s Theatre Club has announced this year’s pantomime. It’s called ‘Jack of Diamonds’ and it’s been written by club member Jon Mackenzie.

He’ll also be producing the show with Kevin Leeman as Artistic Director.

Jon says he loves being involved with pantomime and every year he walks out of the final performance on a high, thinking about writing one.

He’s worked on the last three and feels that’s helped him understand the club’s technical abilities and how best to utilise those in the Town Hall.

He’s not giving too much away about the plot, other than to say it’s a simple story, designed to entertain and hopes everyone will leave with a smile on their face.

And there’ll be plenty of local references, although he’s sure the cast will come up with more as the script evolves during rehearsals.

Jon thinks it’ll be nerve-wracking having other people see his work, but says he doesn’t mind putting his head above the parapet.

“It’s good to take yourself out of your comfort zone,” he says. That’s why he went on stage in this year’s summer play, which he says was probably more nerve-wracking.

And he says he can’t wait to get started.

Auditions are being held on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th October from 7pm to 9pm (adults from 8pm) in the Town Hall. There’s an initial read through on Wed October 23rd and backstage ‘auditions’ will be on November 14th at The Masonic Hall from 7pm.

The pantomime will run from Friday 31st January to Sun 2nd February with an open dress rehearsal on Sunday 26th January.