Teenagers Seek Help To Quit Smoking

St Mary's Health Centre

St Mary’s Health Centre

Children as young as 14 have approached the Council’s Stop Smoking officer for help in quitting.

Louise Baker says some youngsters have realised they have an addiction after smoking with friends on the beach, and she says she’s surprised to learn they do it through boredom.

But Louise feels it’s encouraging that they want help to stop.

She’s offering advice and support for locals as part of the government’s stop smoking initiative ‘Stoptober.’

The campaign challenges people to try and quit for a month.

And she’s says it clear that people of all ages in Scilly want to give up the habit. She’s had islanders aged in their 80s come for support.

The campaign appears to be working. Louise says her enquiries have tripled with just under 30 people asking for help this month and information packs have been “flying out of the door.”

Louise says she can also get expert input from the doctors for anyone serious about quitting.

You can contact her at the Pharmacy in the Health Centre.