Airport To Be Renamed ‘Isles of Scilly’

airport from old townCouncillors have agreed to change the name of St Mary’s Airport.

Economic Development Officer Julian Pearce argued the case for re-naming it as ‘Isles of Scilly Airport.’

He said it would help with marketing, although Cllr Steve Sims joked that he doubted whether anyone had ever gone to the wrong airport because of name confusion.

Some members were keen that work promoting the name change should start soon.

Cllr Richard McCarthy felt the marketing needed to be planned so it would be ready to launch when the airport refurbishment is complete.

But Cllr Sims felt the name could be changed soon and the ceremonial naming could wait until it was, “all tarted up and nice,”

He told members that the new school had functioned perfectly well before the Queen officially named it.

Chairman of Council, Amanda Martin, wanted to make sure everyone was aware that there would be a cost to the name change.

Council officers have highlighted the need for a new logo, stationery and some publicity.

But Amanda felt the overall cost wouldn’t be “as horrific” as some locals had suggested when the idea was first floated earlier this summer.

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