Indian Dance Company To Visit Scilly’s School Bases

hindu danceA group of nine dancers from Southern India will perform sacred stories for Five Islands School pupils next Tuesday.

The Kala Chethena Kathakali Company from Kerala are here on a trip funded by the Arts Council for England, to encourage understanding of different cultures.

It’s their fourth visit for performance of Kathakali.

That form of movement and dance is over 2,000 years old and make-up is used to accentuate the eyes and face, to express the “inner performer.”

Pupils will see how 3D make-up is created using rice paste and paper.

The visitors are going to St Agnes and island pupils will be able to drum and sing in the drama workshops.

The group has been over to work on the off-islands before and they first visited in 2004.

Organiser Barbara Vijayakumar says this time some new performers, whom she calls “world class,” are coming. And some of the party are nervous because they have never travelled by sea in a smaller boat before.

Barbara says the group gets the warmest welcome of any area in the country here in Scilly.

She puts that down an interest in the Indian culture, which may not be so strong in more ethnically diverse areas, where children can more easily learn about life in the sub-continent.

Members of the general public will also get a chance to see the dancers. There’ll be a performance at the Town Hall on Friday 11th October. It starts at 7pm with donations taken at the door.