Council Gets Good Response To Transport Survey

st marys harbour tripper boats scillonianThere has been a good response to the Council’s Transport Preference Survey undertaken over the summer.

Over 1,800 people completed the questionnaire either online or over the telephone.

It asked questions like which airports people prefer to fly to and from, the cost of journeys and issues around Sunday flying and winter boat services.

The survey was designed and run by an external agency, Bluegrass Research, and is intended to help formulate the future transport policy for the islands.

Almost 500 of the respondents were residents of the islands while the rest were visitors.

And the sample didn’t just cover people who had visited the islands before. 450 had never been to Scilly.

Initial analysis shows that residents prefer travelling by air and using land’s End airport.

Most visitors to Scilly also preferred air travel and there was a feeling that the journey to the islands is “part of the adventure” although a small minority said it put them off coming.

But at last Thursday’s Transport Committee meeting, Cllr Marian Bennett asked whether using the word ‘preferred’ was correct, adding that she might “prefer a diamond necklace to a pearl one” and ‘used’ might be a better term.

Council Chair Amanda Martin also questioned why a ‘no preference’ option hadn’t been used and that people might m=not want any of the choices on offer.

The data is still being analysed, but Tourism Officer Julian Pearce says he hopes to present the outcome at the next Transport Committee meeting later this autumn.

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