Visitors Love Scilly’s New Tourist Information Centre

porthcressa schiller shelterVisitors appear to love the new Tourist Information Centre at Porthcressa, and they’ve been full of praise for the staff and service.

The Council’s Economic Development Officer, Julian Pearce, says the new facility, which opened in May has seen 11% more face-to-face enquiries than the former base in the Steamship Company building.

Around 30,000 people have gone into the Schiller Shelter and spoken with staff. That’s brought a 26% increase in retail sales, compared to last year.

But as the season tapers off the Council will need to decide what happens with the volunteer program. That was established in July as a means of extending the opening times from 5.30pm, when paid staff leave, until 7.00pm.

Unpaid staff run the facility six evenings a week and from 2pm to 5pm on Sundays.

An average of 20 people have used the shelter during each session but volunteer, Cllr Avril Mumford, says there’s been nobody in after 6.15 pm for the last two Wednesdays.

Julian says there’ll be a discussion with the Planning Chair Gaz O’Neill, Amanda Martin and Dudley Mumford about the cut off point.

63 people replied to questions in a visitor survey about the TIC.

Everyone liked the location, while 58 respondents found visitor information useful and staff were helpful.

Gaz O’Neill said that was hugely positive.

And more people who can’t use the service in person have been visiting the SimplyScilly website. The number of unique visitors is up 24% in the year to date.

In August 43,500 separate computers logged on.


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