Mal de Mers Arrive For Annual Sporting Fixture

A previous Mal de Mer Club visit

A previous Mal de Mer Club visit

Six days of sporting fixtures in 22 disciplines, on land and on the water, started yesterday as the visiting sports group, the Mal de Mers, arrived ready to take on islanders.

The member who goes by the title ‘Organizator,’ Jeremy Chadwick, says as soon as their flag was raised above their base at Tregarthen’s Hotel, the men were ready for action.

They’ll be competing in range of fixtures, from football to volleyball, sailing to shooting.

All but one member made it over, despite the fog disruption.

They’ve been coming over since 1932 and although their numbers are slightly down, 29 men have travelled over, compared with 31 last year and 44 the year before.

The sportsmen came on the boat and nobody lived up to their name, which is French for seasickness. The group has a sweepstake, betting on who will succumb to the sea crossing.