Planning Approvals Will Help Local Families

The site at Pungies Lane, Telegraph

The site at Pungies Lane, Telegraph

New planning approvals will result in better accommodation for two families on the islands.

At last Thursday’s Planning meeting, councillors gave permission for a new three-bedroomed house to be built on Duchy land at Pungies Lane, Telegraph.

The site had already been given approval for a 2-bedroom property last year and the new plan will replace that.

It’s being built to house a local family who have occupied a flat above the Co-op for the past four years.

They describe this as damp and dangerous for their children, with poor electrics.

Christine Savill agreed that they were housed unsatisfactorily and the new property gives a chance for a young family to establish themselves on the islands.

But councillors wanted Section 106 conditions to be made clearer. This restricts occupancy to people with specific local needs.

In a separate application, councillors gave permission for a bedsit called ‘The Dog House’ at Higher Newford to be extended into an adjacent storage barn,

This will give a 2-bedroomed property with a sitting room.

Applicant Giles Lethbridge said it would allow his partner and her 14-year old son to move in and live together as a family.

In his report, Craig Dryden said the existing property had never received planning permission to be occupied in the first place, and this would legalise that situation.

The extended home will now become a separate unit but, again, subject to a Section 106 restriction.