Sally Port Property To Be Sold By Council

hugh town from BuzzaThe Council is selling the house, which was occupied by the former Chief Executive.

Number 6 Sally Port is in need of significant repair and upgrading, councillors heard last week.

Builders estimate that around £50,000 will be required to bring the property up to a reasonable standard and improvements could add another £20,000 to that total.

Members decided to sell the building, which stands in a large garden, and free up the cash to buy a three-bedroomed home for local needs elsewhere on St Mary’s.

In the February Community Services meeting, Housing Officer Ian Hamilton said he was under increasing pressure to help house people on the islands.

Valuations have been as low as £290,000 but we understand the Council is hoping for at least £375,000 from the sale.

A covenant will be placed on the property that will require the purchaser to hand over 25% of any profit made on the resale of the building to the Council.

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