Former Scilly Resident Urging Young People To Get Heart Screening

heart monitorA former islands’ resident has been back over the weekend to promote potentially life-saving cardiac screening.

Sylvia Pezzack lost her daughter Debbie six years ago to sudden death syndrome, caused by a cardiac abnormality. She says she wants to avoid other families having to go through that.

Ever since, she’s been fundraising to bring screening equipment down to Penzance from a Surrey-based charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young, which tests people between 14 and 35 years of age.

The cost of bringing it down for two days is £7,000 and she’s been supported by the island’s Lion’s Club and Inner Wheel.

Sylvia can’t bring the equipment over to the islands but has arranged for it to be available during the half term week

The tests will be carried out at the Zennor Building of Penwith College on Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th of October. You can book an appointment on

Out of 200 people checked last year, four people were identified to have a problem that needed further investigation.

Sylvia says the condition took her daughter and also another islander a few years ago. She wants to offer screening so people can take action if they are identified as “at risk.”