Scilly’s Farmers Inspired By Visit To Mainland Producers

farmers mainland visit 2013Fifteen farmers and food producers from Scilly have toured several successful farming businesses in Cornwall.

The trip last week was arranged by the Farmers’ and Growers’ Initiative to showcase some of the innovative methods in operation on the mainland.

On Monday the party visited a daffodil and bulb grower near Penzance and a farm shop in Hayle, which is operated by a firm that changed focus from bulb to soft fruit production and retail.

The second day took them to a business that takes the produce of 85 local suppliers for use in food boxes.

The group then travelled the Newquay to visit a mill, which uses its own cereal crops to produce bread and cakes.

Chairman of the group Ben Julian says these sessions provide an important way to share knowledge and skills.

He says mainland farmers can meet people on market day, but we don’t have those opportunities.

Ben hopes that there will be more chances to take islands’ producers to see how mainland operators work in the future, if funding allows.

He’d like the group to see a meat and livestock operation.