Scilly Police Carry Out More Vehicle and Driver Checks

St Mary’s Police have carried out early morning vehicle checks today. PC Mat Crowe and Sergeant Colin Taylor undertook stopped drivers at Porthmellon and in Old Town. They say they were focussing on seat belt wearing, ensuring lights were in order and early morning drink driving. This is where drivers may still be over the limit the morning after the night before. Today, they stopped 25 vehicles including cars, lorries, busses and motorbikes. 11 breath tests were taken and they were all negative for alcohol. 10 drivers were not wearing seat belts and there were 5 defective lights. Colin says he wants drivers to check their lights and develop the "potentially life saving habit" and legal requirement to wear a seat belt. Some drivers expressed a desire to get to work on time but the checks lasted only a few minutes and no drivers were detained for any great length of time. Some motorists came to see the Police once they knew officers were making checks. All drivers were cooperative . Colin says if drivers see them out again in the future please stop if requested and pull in safely to the side of the road. There is no requirement to get out of your vehicle as all the checks can be conducted while the driver is sat inside.

St Mary’s police have stopped 57 vehicles & conducted 21 breath tests in the last week and the highest alcohol result was 10mg alcohol in 100 ml breath. The legal limit is 35 mg . Colin says that indicated that drivers were being sensible with regards to drinking and driving.