Tresco Men Celebrate Completing Rickshaw Challenge

rickshaw run 2013Eight Tresco men are celebrating completing a 3,500 km rickshaw ride across northern India, with 3 days to spare.

The men were expecting to take two weeks to travel in the 7hp vehicle from Shillong in eastern India to the western city of Jaisalmer.

Instead they took just 11 days to complete the fundraiser for Cancer Research UK.

Before finishing yesterday, team member James Druce said that they were all filthy, tired and broken.

Their rickshaws were also in a poor state. They broke down in the desert 80 km from the finish but managed to limp home with one dead rickshaw, one without an exhaust and one rickshaw without lights or electrics.

But that’s nothing compared to the problems experienced by some

Some of the other teams were robbed at gunpoint, chased by Indian mafia and had angry mobs surrounding their hotels!

The islanders came 6th, 7th and 8th out of a total of 79 teams. And last night Pete Marshall says the party were enjoy their success with a well-earned cold bottle of Kingfisher lager.