No Objections As Council Signs Off Accounts

town hall windows signFor the first time in several years, the Council’s accounts have been signed off without any objections.

New auditors, Grant Thornton, presented their findings to the Full Council on Tuesday evening.

They found no significant issues and received no objections from the public.

The audit cost the Council £47,000, which was significantly cheaper than last year’s £116,000 bill.

That’s because in 2012, an extra £49,000 was paid to investigate complaints from locals about the sale of Home Hardware’s Porthmellon store to the Council and chief officer’s remuneration.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said he was pleased that there had been a big reduction in the amount of money owed to staff for untaken leave. This had dropped by more than half to £111,000.

This followed the decision last year by the Council not to approve the carry over of untaken leave for the former Chief Executive Philip Hygate and Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner.