Tough Time For Tresco Lads On Rickshaw Run

Ellen Marshall tells Radio Scilly that Pete, James, Will, Jake, Dychey, Tim, Sii and Mat have had an eventful few days in their Cancer Research Fundraiser. They are crossing northern India in rickshaws. Some of the other teams have been robbed at gunpoint, chased by Indian mafia and angry mobs have surrounding their hotels! Thankfully the Tresco lads were not involved and escaped unscathed! They are currently about 100km from Jaisalmer, which is the finish line for the Rickshaw Run. Their rickshaws are falling apart with every kilometre they cover, but to quote James Druce “We are filthy, we are tired, we are broken. But we shall finish!” They should cross the finish line sometime this evening . They’ve been on the road since 5am this morning, 3 days before the race officially finishes. Good luck