St Mary’s Woman Left ‘Fuming’ After Vandals Wreck Garden

hugh town from garrisonA St Mary’s woman says she was left feeling shocked and furious after her garden was wrecked in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Doreen Akred says people had commented on how lovely her small garden in Parson’s Field, Hugh Town, was looking.

But she woke up on Saturday to a scene of absolute devastation. A bush and flowerbeds had been uprooted and it looked as though the vandals had “a swordfight” up the alley, she says.

Doreen has no idea who carried out the damage, but says she heard several people outside her house just after closing time at the Porthcressa Disco.

Doreen spent hours cleaning up the mess on Saturday, helped by her neighbour, and will now have to replant her garden.

She says Julia Day from Islands Home Hardware has kindly offered her some spare marigold plants in the meantime.

Doreen hasn’t reported it to the police because she feels there’s little chance of catching the culprits although she still hopes they might come forward to put the damage right.

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