Parents Invited To Alcohol And Drug Awareness Workshop

Carn Thomas

Carn Thomas

Parents are being invited to workshop offering advice on spotting signs of drug and alcohol abuse by their children.

A team from Cornwall-based YZUP are hosting a morning advice session next Tuesday at the Children’s Centre.

Viv Hughes from the organisation says they’ll be outlining the substances that could be available to islands’ youngsters, how their use can be detected and the impact that they could have on family life.

Some of the advice will be geared towards young people leaving the islands for education on the mainland, but Viv says our isolation doesn’t mean youngsters here are not exposed to drugs.

She says parents need to know that some substances can be accessed over the internet and Viv spends time going through the different names for those.

She adds that while some parents are worried that dabbling in drugs will lead to addiction, in reality that’s quite unusual.

The workshop is free of charge and you can book your place by calling Helen McGuinness on 423680.

It will run from 9.30am until noon on 24th September.