Compromise Reached Over Tresco Cruise Ships Tenders

minerva cruise ship and harbourCruise ships taking passengers to Tresco will only drop off and pick up visitors at Carn Near from now on.

That’s the agreement made between Tresco Estate, the Duchy of Cornwall Harbourmaster and the Council’s Maritime Officer, Steve Watt.

It’s after some St Mary’s Boatmen Association members raised safety concerns to Steve.

They were unhappy that many visiting cruise ships use their own tenders while our boatmen have to show their local knowledge in order to gain their license.

They were worried that cruise ships could put passengers at risk, especially as they have little experience of navigating the Tresco Channel.

Steve says there was also feeling that this was a case of double standards.

The issue was raised with the Marine and Coastguard Agency. Normally the Port Authority, in our case the Duchy, would step in but Tresco is a private island and it’s outside their control.

It’s the Council that issues boatmen’s licences so Steve Watt met with Dale Clark and Mike Nelhams to discuss a solution.

They’ve reached the compromise that cruise ships will only take their own tenders to Carn Near and Mike says they’ll point out that local operators are available in all communications with visiting cruise ships.

The agreement will now be shared with the MCA and it’s hoped they’ll approve the plan.

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