Cost Of Report Into Future Of Mundesley House Set To Double

Mundesley House

Mundesley House

The cost of a review into the future of Mundesley House has more than double and it won’t now be ready until next year.

Children’s Centre Manager Joel Williams told members of the Children and Young People Committee that they had just completed the first phase of the work.

That was to agree thescope of the review into the school boarding house.

The Council will now appoint independent reviewers to write the report, which is expected to be completed next year.

The cost has also more than doubled from an estimated £5,000 to £11,000.

The review was launched back in January by the former Council Chairman, the late Mike Hicks,

He said at the time that he was keen to make sure the boarding house was offering the best value for money.

Last year it cost £92,000 to run the facility for nineteen off-island students and the cost is expected to rise as the number of children on the islands increases.

It’s paid for through a special education grant from the government.

Committee Chair Christine Savill, who also sits on the Mundesley Review Steering Panel, says the work is in its infancy, “but it has commenced.”

Following publication of the report, the Council intends to run a consultation on its findings.

Joel says he wants this to be open and transparent while at the same time giving people a chance to submit their opinions confidentially.

He says there will also be a road show, which could involve the children who are using Mundesley at the moment.

He said he wanted to give as many opportunities as possible for people to come forward with their views.

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