Partnership And AONB Join Forces On New Gateway Signs

Gateway Signage

The Isles of Scilly AONB and the Islands’ Partnership have joined forces to produce new ‘gateway’ signs, welcoming visitors to the islands.

They’re being placed at Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter airports, as well as on board the Scillonian III.

Partnership manager Amanda Pender says AONBs have a responsibility to signpost when people are entering their designated areas, and the current ones for Scilly needed updating.

She says our local AONB knew that the Partnership was working on new branding for the islands, so they decided to join forces to produce the signs.

The panels feature the blue colours and fonts that will be used next year’s brochure and on the new website.

There are also photos of the islands and the word “Outstanding” picked out in bold lettering.

Amanda says the new signs will promote tourism while raising awareness that the islands are a protected area.

The two organisations split the cost with the Partnership paying for the design work and the AONB covering the cost of placing them at the airports and on the boat.

Amanda says it was a good partnership and hopes it’s the beginning of more joint ventures between the two organisations.