Councillor Calls For Structural Survey On School As More Building Worries Emerge

sports hall 2Worries about the quality of the Five Islands School building continued yesterday after a councillor requested a full structural survey be carried out to determine the problems.

But it’s emerged that another new building may also be causing concern.

Cllr Fran Grottick said she’d like to see money set aside from the Children and Young People Committee budget to investigate the problems at the school.

It still hasn’t been signed off by the Project Board responsible for overseeing its construction, even though it’s been in use by the children for two years.

Fran said with all the ongoing snagging problems, she wanted to see some money being spent on a survey so we can “get to the bottom of the issues.”

She said she wanted to be “comfortable and happy that we’ve got a school that’s fit for purpose.”

She also wanted problems with the playing field investigated.

But while supporting Cllr Grottick’s call for a survey, Director of Children’s Services, Penny Penn-Howard, said the school wasn’t the biggest problem facing the Council.

She’s more worried about the state of the new sports hall, which has been flooded three times since it opened and may have suffered internal damage.

She said that problem was still ongoing.

Head of Finance, Iain McCulloch pointed out that the problems were the responsibility of the School Build Project Board to flag up, and to make a request if they needed professional help, such as surveyors.

And Chair of Governors Ben Julian said the Board already had much of the work Fran was referring to “in hand.”

He just wasn’t sure how that was being reported back to the Council.

In the end, councillors felt it wasn’t their committee’s role to allocate any money for a survey.

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