New Scilly Food Directory Launched

Issy Tibbs with the new Little Scilly Food Guide

Issy Tibbs with the new Little Scilly Food Guide

In Scilly, you don’t only know where your food has come from, you know the farmer or fisherman who has provided it for you.

That’s one of the messages from the new Little Scilly Food Guide, a 54-page island–by-island list of local food producers and eateries.

The booklet lists the shops, fishermen and farm gates that sell local produce as well as the hotels, guesthouses and restaurants that feature it on their menus.

It’s been compiled by the islands’ Food Champion Issy Tibbs, who works for the Farmers’ and Growers’ Initiative, and was launched officially last night at Juliet’s Garden.

Issy says she’s been delighted by the interest in local food production.

She says when she started work on the guide, she didn’t realise just how much passion there was from local businesses to serve islands’ produce.

But Issy says even locals don’t always know what’s available and where to get it. Just writing the booklet, she feels, has brought many chefs and suppliers together.

She says Scillonians often aren’t comfortable with shouting about what they’re doing, but she says there’s some amazing produce here.

And she hopes that the guide will “shout for them” and let people know where they can find the best food on the islands.

The guide will be available from the TIC, the Islands’ Partnership and the Farmers’ Initiative website and offices at Trenoweth.