New Head Teacher Looking Forward To Life In Scilly

linda todd headteacher
The new Head Teacher of the Five Islands School says she’s excited about her new role and feels that expat life in the Far East has prepared her for living in Scilly.

Linda Todd started her new job last week, but spent the summer packing up her old life in Essex and moving to the islands with her husband and two young sons.

She has two headships under her belt and worked previously in a school in Singapore, which was similar to here, having children right through from 3 to 16 years old.

And she says even though the city-state was a lot larger than Scilly, “everyone knew everyone.”

That’s prepared her for the scrutiny and lack of anonymity here, although she says she’s not scared of that and it’s nice to be known and to know others.

From Radio Scilly

New head teacher Linda Todd talks about her new role.

Linda says she wasn’t looking for a job change, but the advert in the newspaper,  “jumped out at her.”

She’d never been to Scilly before but the more she looked into it, the more enthusiastic she became.

She says she was very lucky to have great weather when she came for the interview in February with her husband and was delighted when she was eventually offered the role.

Linda says it’s a big risk, but one she’s excited about and the family see it as an adventure.

Her boys are the right age to make the move, she says, and they all love the outdoors.

Linda says that the school has had some challenging times recently but she’s keen to look forward to the future.

There’s a good team of teachers, she says, and the achievements of the pupils are stunning.

She says it’s too early to talk about any ongoing restructuring at the school and needs to understand the issues better before that.

But she believes that the children should be put at the heart of the school and is keen to ensure they’re happy and can achieve the best they can.

She also wants to see if her previous experience in developing learning skills for children and adults can be put to use on the islands and hopes to be here for “a decent length of time” to see the school on the next leg of its journey.

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