Local Women Set Off For Air Ambulance Kilimanjaro Challenge

Amy Langdon and Ginny Hulands

Amy Langdon and Ginny Hulands

The three Scillonians who are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the Cornwall Air Ambulance have set off on their challenge.

Amy Langdon and Ginny Hulands of Bryher left on the Scillonian III yesterday.

They’ll be joined by Rebecca Douglas of St Mary’s at Heathrow before flying to Tanzania tomorrow.

The 6-day trek, which will see them ascend 19,300 feet to top of the highest freestanding mountain in the world, starts on Friday the 13th.

Between them, the women have raised just under £12,000 for the charity and they’ll be accompanied by around thirty other fundraisers from across Cornwall.

Amy and Ginny say they’re quite nervous about the challenge facing them next week, particularly the toilet facilities on the mountain and not being able to wash when they want to.

Amy says on top of the psychological barriers to break through, there’s also a physical wall to beat. The women will have to scale the Barranco Wall on the fourth day of the climb.

But they’ve had plenty of advice from well-wishers, who have told them to take it slowly and not to rush.

The’ll be getting some last minute supplies in Truro today and Ginny is particularly keen to purchase supplies of Kendal Mint Cake, although Amy felt that shopping at ‘Cotswold Outdoor’ seems inappropriate when climbing Africa’s highest peak.

And the Bryher women have another incentive to get to the top. Kathy Stedeford has handed them a mysterious envelope on the strict instruction that it’s not to be opened until they reach the summit.

You can follow the progress of the group at http://www.cornwallairambulancetrust.org/kilimanjaro