BT Backs Down Over Broadband Problems In Scilly

bt microwave link telegraphBT says broadband speeds should be back to normal today after engineers located a fault, which has slowed down many web users over the weekend.

However it took many calls to BT by customers before the company eventually accepted there was a problem on St Mary’s and last night they fixed the fault.

It was a broken card in the exchange.

Over the weekend and yesterday, Radio Scilly received calls and comments from locals reporting slow connections.

Nick Lishman of St Mary’s said his internet speed was “slower than snail pace” while Speros restaurant owner Richard Mills called his connection “shocking and unusable.”

BT’s Press Officer Jason Mann checked the lines of some of the locals who had complained to us, but initially said that BT was unaware of any network problems affecting service for customers in Scilly.

And he said customers experiencing a problem should report it to their own service provider.

But St Mary’s locals Dave Townend and Lyndsey Sawyer are both BT internet customers and say they did flag up their extremely slow speed.

While BT says the slow access was resolved yesterday evening, some locals are still complaining about the quality of their net connection.

2 Responses to BT Backs Down Over Broadband Problems In Scilly

  1. Linda Badcock September 10, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    I spent approximately 3hours trying to remedy the poor BT Internet service received over the weekend, having contacted the service line to be informed there was was not a problem in our area eventually ringing the fault line on Monday morning at 0815hrs and spent 55minutes with a customer service gentleman, going through endless activities trying to rectify the problem. Not once was a problem on the Islands mentioned.Poor service from BT.

    • Ian T. September 11, 2013 at 9:08 am

      So what’s new, Linda. Even though I worked for their ‘predecessor’ P.O. Telephones, I have nothing to do with them whatsoever not even to pay for my land line. Their service has been abominable for years.They are on my black list along with British Airways, British Gas and EDF.