St Mary’s Lifeboat Called To Help Lugger

The Ibis in St Mary's harbour this morning. Photo by Robin Mawer.

The Ibis in St Mary’s harbour this morning. Photo by Robin Mawer.

The St Mary’s lifeboat was called out last night at around 9.05 pm.

The crew towed a 40-foot lugger, the Ibis, into St Mary’s. It had two people on board, and was traveling from Baltimore in Ireland to Newlyn, when it began taking on water around 10 miles off the islands, south west of the Western Rocks.

Falmouth Coastguard said the boat had no VHF radio facility on board and they say that’s not good practice.

The skipper called 999 to reach the Coastguard but reception was poor and kept dropping out. It took a number of attempts to assess the situation.

The boat sent up distress flares to assist the lifeboat in the rescue and the operation ended at 1am.