Plans To Tarmac One Of The MUGAs Discussed By Governors

mugaSchool governors have discussed taking over the running of the multi-use games area from the Council. And they could decide to tarmac over one of the pitches.

Former Acting Head Teacher, Liz Duffy-Griffiths, told governors in May that the Authority was looking to transfer responsibility for the two MUGAs at Carn Gwaval to the Five Islands School.

They were checking into the finances and legality of that.

However, no progress had been made at that time because they were struggling to meet with the Sports Hall manager.

Mrs Duffy-Griffiths also expressed concern about the lifespan of the surface. She said if they were going to be used as playgrounds, then she wanted the top MUGA to be hard-surfaced.

Chair of Governors, Ben Julian, said there’s been no agreement on the transfer of the facility yet.

He said concern was raised that if the school takes on the MUGA, then the surface would have to be replaced at great cost much sooner than expected, as a result of the heavy wear it gets as a playground.

Using a hard surface on one MUGA would reduce maintenance costs and provide a playground, he said, whilst still retain a superb MUGA for sports.

There’s also been a significant increase in wear and tear on the children’s school shoes at break times due to the special surface.

But the governors would want to see some strong cost benefit analysis before committing to such capital work, says Ben.

The school currently pays the local authority £2,000 each year to use the two MUGA pitches, located on the new school site at Carn Gwaval.

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