Website Charts History Of The Steamband In Photos

steamband 1973
Followers of Scilly’s oldest and most well known musical group, The Steamband, are being asked to contribute photos to a new website.

It’s been set up by long-term fan, Nick Browning, who has already added his own pictures going back to the early 70’s.

Nick first went to see the band at the Town Hall in 1972 at the age of 17. Their brand of rock music made an instant impression on him and he’s been catching their gigs, both on the islands and the mainland, ever since.

Nick says the most memorable performance was at the Lugger’s Arms in Penzance in the 90s, although he says there were also stand-out performances at the Town Hall in 1975 and at the old airport in 1973.

Sadly, he says, some of the guys playing in those sessions are no longer around.

From Radio Scilly

Nick browning talks about his new Steamband website

Nick’s says he has a massive collection of snaps and felt it was a shame that no one had a chance to see them.

He’s placed around 350 photos on the site, including some from Chris Hall and Harry Graham, sorted into different decades, but says he can’t remember the dates of many of them and would like viewers to fill in the details.

And his favourite snap in the collection is a shot from that memorable night outside the Lugger’s.

He says he’s had a great response from the band members themselves who think the site is great.

You can view the photos, and send in your own contributions, at Nick’s website here.