Scilly’s Planning Law Changes Could Make A Small Profit

hugh town from BuzzaThe government is amending some of the planning rules that apply in Scilly, and the changes could benefit our Council financially.

Parliament is bringing in a new Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act later this year.

But because there were a number of old planning laws that applied only to Scilly, it meant parts of the new Act might not apply here as well.

The government wrote to the Council earlier this year to clear up the confusion and councillors have agreed to the amendments.

The most significant change relates to the demolition of buildings.

Previously if people wanted to demolish buildings anywhere in Scilly, they required Conservation Area Consent, which was free.

Now, they’ll have to apply for planning permission, which costs around £170.

Last year, there were five such requests, which would have brought the Council £850 if the new act had been in place.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden says the amendments should simplify the legislation and cut red tape.

The changes to the Act were approved by Parliament earlier this week and will come into effect on 1st October.