Councillors Select First Of the New Directors

town hall windows signCouncillors have chosen the first of the two senior directors who will head up the new, streamlined Council.

The Director of Planning and Economic Development post, currently held by Craig Dryden and the Chief Technical Officer role, currently Neville Gardner’s post, are both being made redundant.

The two men had the option to apply for the new Head of Place position, which combines elements of both existing roles, or take redundancy and leave the Council later this autumn.

Craig was interviewed by a panel of councillors this week and has been recommended for the role.

That means there’s no need to advertise externally.

The interview panel decision still requires ratification by the Policy and Resources Committee, on the 17th of September, although one councillor described that as “just a formality.”

The new role commands a salary of up to £80,000.

It means Craig will be still be responsible for planning and economic development but will also take on the water supply, sewerage infrastructure and the waste management policy, including removal of the Moorwell Alp.

The new directors will also be required to identify significant savings and potentially single out roles, which will be made redundant within their department.

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