Aikido Trainer Offering Intro Course For Women

Sports Hall

Sports Hall

A St Mary’s based aikido trainer is hoping that more women will take up the Japanese martial art in Scilly.

Chris Hall first started running informal sessions several years ago, but since moving into the new sports hall, he’s seen the popularity increase.

Chris says he regularly gets around eight men turning up for training and last term, ten youngsters joined from the Five Islands School.

But he says sessions he’s run in other countries have been very popular with women, often with around 60% of attendees being female.

He’s surprised that no women have joined in Scilly.

He’s going to run a four-week intro course for ladies starting on the 17th September and eight locals have signed up so far.

Chris says that while aikido is primarily about self-defence, it’s also a very spiritual activity, which helps you calm down and deal with situations in a rational way.

He says it’s not violent and can help people deal with aggression peacefully but effectively.

Chris originally practiced judo, but became interested in aikido after attending sessions with a friend. He then went on to train with an experienced Japanese teacher in Australia.

He says it can take time to learn the martial art, but it’s very much about taking it slowly and letting your body learn the moves naturally. He says gradually your mind and body adapts, describing it as like “yoga on the move.”

Any women who want to carry on after the intro course can progress to the regular class, he says, and gain ‘belts’ in a similar way to judo.

The sessions are taking place at the Sports Hall, starting on Tuesday 17th September. You should contact Chris for more details.