Local Charity Helps Park House Residents

Park House

Park House

Park House residents will be receiving new equipment to encourage them to remain fit and active, following a donation from a local charity.

The care home has received a cheque for £500 from the Richard Addison Charitable Trust, which will be used to buy percussion instruments for musical sessions as well as indoor bowling and target throwing games.

Active Living Coordinator, Leonie Jones, said music is being used increasingly as a therapeutic activity for people with dementia.

It’s encouraged by organisations such as Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

She said some people with severe memory problems can often remember every word of songs that they learned as children.

The musical instruments will make singing sessions more inclusive by allowing people who can no longer communicate through speaking or singing, to participate.

Leonie says the games are a fun way to incorporate physical exercise into the residents’ daily activities by encouraging them to move and improving hand-eye coordination.

The Trust has also provided funding for the roof garden.

Leonie wants to develop the area into a relaxing outdoor space for the residents and use gardening as a therapeutic activity.

Leonie thanked the Trust for their help to improve the day-to-day experience of the older people living in Park House.

The charity was founded by a former island resident and uses income from investments to support elderly islanders.

It used to fund taxi travel for residents before the Buzza bus, but income has fallen since the finance markets fell and the fund paid out a reduced amount, just under £200, last year.

Five years ago it was paying out in the region of £5,000 annually.

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