Application For Pilot’s Retreat Property Meets With Resistance

jacksons hill 2A request to “legalise” an unauthorised change to a Pilot’s Retreat property has been met with resistance from neighbours.

Andy and Dawn Guy want planners to pass the conversion of the basement of their home, Beverly Hills, into a three-room annex.

It would mean a retrospective decision, as the work was done in 2006.

The couple say their basement has been used to house locals and key workers for seven years, but they now want its use to be above board, as their boys may want their own home here or they may need space to look after elderly relatives.

Neighbours Jim and Karen Johnson have written to planners with concerns that the sewerage system may become overloaded. They say that the original building housed a family of four, but with the annexe and the guest house, up to 12 people could be using the sewerage infrastructure.

Andy Guy says they don’t want to apply for lawful use as they’d never split and sell the two properties, although the Johnsons argue that the property has been on the market for a considerable time.

Andy Guy, who became a councillor in the May elections, will have to leave the chamber while his request is debated at the Planning Committee meeting later this autumn.

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