Town Hall Windows Purchased, But Won’t Go In Without Further Grants

town hall rear 2013The Council has paid for new windows for the Town Hall but they weren’t installed during the recent refurbishment because the Authority says it needs more grants to do it.

English Heritage paid the Council £6,500 for the specially made frames and glasswork back in 2008.

Planning permission was given to install them at the back of the building, but planners later discovered from old museum pictures that windows had never actually been installed in the recesses.

So just one of the three windows was installed in the renovations.

Chief Planner Craig Dryden says the Council now needs to secure additional grants to put in the extra two windows.

They’d need to fund shutters to reduce the light and sound insulation so theatre performances wouldn’t be affected. But it’s uncertain whether the windows will go in.

The Council would also need a consultant to advise on whether the windows would increase the likelihood of water getting into the stonework, which could damage the listed building.

Craig says he wouldn’t be happy putting them in unless he was 100% sure they would be watertight.

He says the work isn’t top priority at the moment, so until grants are available, the windows will be stored at Green Farm.

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