Special Branch Spot Checks Carried Out At Scilly’s Airport

airport terminal frontPolice are asking Scillonians and visitors to make sure they have photographic identification on them when they fly through our airport.

On Saturday, dozens of passengers were stopped and asked for ID by Special Branch officers.

Skybus doesn’t insist on picture ID but DC Sarah White from the Newquay-based Special Branch team says the police can legally ask for it under anti-terrorism legislation and they do carry out random security checks.

Having photo verification of who you are is useful, she says.

A number of people did not have photo ID but Sarah says everybody was cooperative and nobody was delayed from catching their flight.

The team of three also inspected credentials of people on board yachts in the harbour yesterday.

Sarah says there is no direct connection between this ID-checking activity and the recent drug smuggling and there’s no suggestion that we’re at a heightened risk of terrorist activity.

The work was undertaken as part of routine border security and antiterrorism measures.

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