Bryher Couple Win Their First Major Maritime Contract

The MV Great Ship Manisha

The MV Great Ship Manisha

A Bryher couple has secured their first major contract for marine work against strong international competition.

Andy Fraser and Amanda Pender operate Island Drilling and they’ve won a bid for a project to gather core samples in the Baltic Sea.

The data will allow scientists to chart the history of climate change.

Andy has worked in the off-shore industry since leaving school and stared a consultancy six years ago.

With his wife Amanda, they operate from a base on Bryher.

They’ve also set up a small base and associated company in Singapore, because there’s so much work on offer in Asia.

On Friday, Andy came close to home as his boat, the MV Great Ship Manisha, passed 28 miles south of St Mary’s on it’s way from Fiji, along the Panama Canal, to Falmouth.

Andy is overseeing the temporary conversion of the boat into a drill ship at the Cornish port, ready for the two-month long project.

He says he’s pleased that a small Scilly-based business can be successful when pitching for contracts against multi-nationals, although he’ll be using larger companies for some of the subcontracting work.

Andy says he’s not alone in this field and there are many islanders who share a similar off shore employment.

The ship will sail with a flag that highlights the company’s Scilly roots. An image of Castle Bryher, supplied by Scillonian artist Richard Pearce and taken from one of his paintings, is being used as the company’s logo.