Wiltshire Cricket Team Chooses Scilly Over Sri Lanka

st martins cricket pitch sign 2Scilly has been chosen over Sri Lanka or South Africa as a tour destination for a Wiltshire village cricket club.

Most years the players from Collingbourne go on tour to exotic destinations. They’ve been to Kenya, South Africa and Sri Lanka but this year members wanted to find a cheaper destination.

On the advice of member Owen Sheppard, whose parents have a Tresco timeshare, the 27 strong party of players, partners and children will stay on that island and play against four local sides.

The tour, from September 5th to the 9th, will consist of games of between 20 and 25 overs.

Owen says he’s been researching his opponents. He says he’s aware of the strength of the St Mary’s side, who recently held their own against the visiting MCC side.

And he’s realised that teams do well depending on the nationality of staff working at hotels on the islands.

Owen says their team includes several “older gentlemen” including four in their 60’s, as well as two ladies playing.

They won’t be coming over expecting to win, he says, but just to have fun.