Wave Power Company Wants Locals’ Views On Plans

wave power 40south energyThe man behind an innovative wave power generator says he’s hoping the first system can be installed in Scilly soon.

And Michele Grassi from 40South Energy says he wants locals to help him in that process.

We reported back in May about plans by the Plymouth-based company to place a 150kW generator in the sea just south of St Mary’s airport.

Dr Grassi says Scilly is one of the best places in the world for harnessing wave energy and believes the small generator units that he’s invented are ideally suited to our community.

He’s been discussing the plan with the Council and Marine Management Organisation for over a year, and last weekend a marine biologist made three dives in the area to check the proposed track for the cables.

Michele feels this went well and will now submit the findings to the MMO for approval.

From Radio Scilly

Dr Michele Grassi from 40South Energy talks to Radio Scilly

He says it’s taken longer than they expected, but will be able to move quickly once they get permission and hope to have the first unit in place within a few months.

But Michele says he’d like also locals to give him feedback on the project.

He’s put a map of the proposed cable route on his company’s Facebook page and would like to know if anyone can spot any issues or problems with it.

He feels Scillonians will have the best knowledge of the seabed and shoreline, so are in the best position to comment.

You can read about the project and leave your feedback here.

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