Tresco Planning Novel Art Exhibition

Cromwells tower trescoTresco Estate is planning a creative way to showcase art featuring the island.

They’ve applied for permission to place outdoor easels, holding the work of artist Anthony Garratt, in five places around Tresco.

They’ll be placed at the north end of the island near King Charles Castle, Old Grimsby and in and around Tresco Abbey Gardens.

Garratt’s work has been featured at Gallery Tresco for four years and he usually works in black and white.

It’s hoped that the different light and weather conditions will bring a new perspective to the art and the settings will encourage people to explore the island.

The art holders are being specially made. The bottom 400cm would be covered in sand or earth, so they’d stand around 2.5m high.

If planners approve them, they’ll be in position temporarily for up to nine weeks but may be used again for future displays. Natural England wanted to ensure they’d come down after the event.

The plan has been well received and the head of the Council’s tourism department, Julian Pearce, described it as an innovative way to display art material on Scilly.

But he’s warned that scale may be a consideration as this could lead to copycat requests elsewhere in Scilly.