Parking Restrictions In Scilly To Start Next Year

hugh town centre summerThere’ll be yellow lines painted onto the streets of Hugh Town next year and the police will issue tickets to drivers who park where they shouldn’t.

It’s thought that no penalties have been issued for at least five years because it’s been unclear who was responsible.

In 2008 all police forces handed over parking enforcement to local councils, but we were the only exception.

Because of our islands’ size, the police offered to continue, but Sergeant Colin Taylor has been uncertain whether his team still had authority.

The Devon and Cornwall force legal team says they do, but it’s doubtful whether the current lines and signage are up to standard, so he says he won’t be able to act until they are.

If tickets were issued now, he says, they could be challenged because the yellow lines don’t meet national standards.

But Colin says he can respond if inconsiderate parking restricts the movement of other vehicles and says he’s done that in the last two weeks.

Colin thinks many people have become used to parking where they want and enforcing the rules could be unpopular with some drivers.

And clearing the main street through town could even lead to more motorists speeding, he says.

Cllr Steve Sims, who chairs the General Purposes committee that oversees the roads on St Mary’s, says they will need to wait until the streets are resurfaced early next year before new yellow lines go down.

He agrees that the parking situation needs addressing, as it is becoming a problem.

Steve says it’s not good for people coming off the boat to see lots of cars and lorries squeezing past on Hugh Street.

But he says the restrictions won’t be extended from the current areas and enforcement of the rules should not be ‘draconian.’

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