Government Paves Way For More Scillonian Flag Flying

scilly flag bryher

Government changes will pave the way for more Scillonian flags to be flown from October.

Eric Pickles, the Communities and Local Government Secretary, is removing planning rules which currently require planning permission to fly any flag except a few recognised ones, like the Union Flag or the European Union flag.

Applying for consent currently costs £335.

The islands’ flag was created by Scillonians Julian Pearce and Steve Duncan in 2001.

The design, which received 400 votes on the former Scilly News website, features a central cross representing the islands’ Celtic heritage and five-pointed stars depicting the inhabited islands’ location and size.

The use of orange represents a Scilly sunset and the blue is meant to symbolise the waters.

Julian says he was very proud of the design and St Mary’s firm Ratbags created a prototype, which flew at the Turks head. It was also adopted by local boatmen.

He says he created it to offer an islands’ identity rather to make money.

One of the flags is flown at Bryher’s Vine Café. Owner Brendan Boulton says he always gets positive comments about it and he’s seen yachts from various countries flying it on their vessels in the Bryher Channel.

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